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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Office Gadgetry. We are a premier online platform launched in 2023 where we publish all tech news, home-office accessories buying guides and tutorials. Our mission is to provide our readers with unbiased reviews, knowledgeable advice, and the best deals on all of their favourite home-office gadgets.

Our main objective is to help customers with accurate information who are thinking of buying a good accessory for office and home. We regularly publish all kinds of home-office gadgets-related articles/tutorials on our website, which a customer can follow to make the right decision.

about us office gadgetry
about us office gadgetry

Our Story

The first Office Gadgetry is planned to be built in 2021. And at the beginning of 2023, we implement it. We had a long plan for this, and after much research and analysis, we have implemented it. Many types of furniture are required to furnish our homes and offices Due to not having the right idea while buying this furniture, many times many people face various obstacles in buying the right product. So we thought we will create a platform from where customers can get the right guidance to purchase any of their home-office products. So we started the journey of Office Gadgetry from this thought.

Our Mission

Our main objective behind creating it was to provide accurate information to people and at the same time we can also be benefited from it.

Each article is written by an experienced writer. Who has special experience with cameras and gadgets. Also, he is a tech analyst. He stays up to date on all the tech-related information. We fully research any information and then publish it so that the visitor would not to be confused. And in future also we plan to continue our activities better with the commitment to provide accurate information.

about us office gadgetry

Our Team

Let’s Introduce our professional team members

Picture of Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur Rahman is the founder of Oficegadgetrycom. A professional web developer. He has been associated with web design and development for almost 20 years. He has already worked with various international companies. He is also the founder and director of (Digital agency).

Picture of Mridul Mahmud

Mridul Mahmud

Mridul Mahmud is a Full stack Digital Marketer.He is seasoned expert in SEO consulting, content writing, Meta & Affiliate marketing and wordpress design. He is also a tech analyst. He has been offering his SEO and content services expertise to Presently, he holds the position of senior SEO executive and project manager at a web agency based in UK.

Picture of Muhammad Naim Babu

Muhammad Naim Babu

Muhammad Naim Babu is a full stack developer and founder of Azeelin. He is specialises in Plugin Development ,Web design, and speed optimization. He started his web development journey since 2020. Currently, he is working efficiently and successfully in a web-based agency.

Thank you all so much for staying with and supporting Office Gadgetry. We are committed to providing you with the best possible information to help you make informed decisions when buying home and office accessories.

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